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 Josh X Fan Club Benefits 


* Fan club members will receive Birthday Greetings from Josh X. Make your Birthday extra special !!

  “CHRISTMAS & NEW YEAR” greetings From josh X

*Fan club members will receive Valentine’s day, Christmas & New Year’s greetings from Josh X.

3, Josh X Fan Club Events

*Only fan club members can attend “Josh X Fan Club Event”. For members who live in different states, or in overseas & can’t attend Josh X Fan Club Events, there will be lots of Online Events as well. So, DON’T WORRY! You can still be part of Josh X Fan Club Events!!


*Lucky fans will be invited to the sound check before the show. They will be picked by a lottery.

5, purchAse concert tickets
with “Fan Seat” option

*Fan seats will be located near where Josh X will be performing. At certain shows, Josh X will pick a fan from there to come on the stage.

6, “After-show Photo Session”

*There will be “Photo session with Josh X” opportunity for fan club members after certain shows. There, Fan Club Members will be able to take pictures with Josh X.

7, Special Merchandise for fan club members

*There will be special limited merchandises which only Josh X fan club members can purchase. Also, when you are a member, you can have your T-shirts (from Josh X online store) customized for FREE!!!!! JOSH X Merchandise →

8, Josh X “Give-Away Campaign”

*Josh X will give away his stuff to his fans few times a year.  Only Fan club members can enter the giveaway lotteries!

9, “Ask Josh X” online events

*Josh X will have online events that his fans can ask him questions and he’ll answer. Every online event, 10 Lucky fans who are picked by a lottery will get the response from Josh X.

10, hear josh x’s new music before everyone!

*Occasionally, Josh X will let his fan club members hear his latest songs before he even releases it. For certain songs, you would be the very first one to hear it !!!

 11, “Talk to my fans” events

*Josh X will call his fans & have a conversation! Fans who are picked by a lottery will get a call from Josh X.

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 ( which means $4 per month) 

2 years membership  (2 months FREE!)  – $88 (original price: $96)

3 years membership (3 months FREE!) – $132 (original price: $144)

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